Produce & Sell marine and various kinds of industrial paints


Initially, Chugoku focused essentially on the marine paint industry, which enabled us to give full attention to products and services geared to that particular industry. Our dedication to quality and service established Chugoku as an industry leader and we now enjoy the confidence and trust of marine paint users all over the world.

Using the same dedication applied to the development of marine paints, Chugoku expanded its horizons to key industries such as construction, containers, steel, chemical plants, electricity, wood coatings, pleasure boats, and others. Today, in both domestic and overseas markets, Chugoku hold approvals from regulatory bodies, contractors, and consultants worldwide and our products can be found in use at construction sites around the world.

As Chugoku moves into the 21st century, our goal is to protect and conserve the environment for future generations and to play a leading part as the industry leader in ecology, innovation, and quality.