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“Coatings Care” activities promote the registration to the International “Standard ISO 14001” specified by the International Organization for Standardization with respect to environmental conservation, and Shiga Factory & Technical Center(Shiga) and Kyushu Factory of CMP has also been registered.

Announcing to promote Coatings Care

In response to the current worldwide demand to harmonize with environment of earth, CMP has been proactively engaged in protecting environment, safety and health as prioritized management issue. On 18th July 2001, CMP declared promoting Coatings Care (program to protect environment, safety and health) proposed and advocated by the Paint Industry.

Basic policies to secure environmental protection and ensure human safety and health


To conduct business activities reducing the loading on the environment and maintaining harmony with it, as well as considering safety and health.


To comply with the law and regulations regarding the environment, safety and health. We promote our business activities through all the steps from the development of our products to their disposal, not only keeping in mind the environment, safety and health, but also resource conservation.


To develop and improve the products and technologies that are eco-friendly and safe to the global environment.


To consider the environment, safety and health of our employees and local residents through our business process of production, operation and distribution, as well as to promote the reduction of the environmental loading and waste products, resource conservation and recycling.


To shift to eco-friendly products and provide information and give advice to customers regarding the safe use and handling of our products in respect of the environment, safety and health in product markets.


To widely disclose information to the government and the local community regarding our products and operations.