Produce & Sell marine and various kinds of industrial paints


Sea-going ships are the principle assets operating in global transport logistic, and are protected from harsh ocean environment by marine paints.

In this respect, CMP has, since its establishment, developed its business in corporation with shipbuilding and shipping industry. Based on its technical expertise, know-how, and experience gained during its long history in the marine business, CMP has met performance requirements for paints in all ship areas, introducing many technologies, from anti-fouling paints for preventing fouling adherence to ship bottoms, to corrosion-resistant paints for protecting ballast tanks from corrosion, and protective paints for superstructures that enhance appearance.

One of the Japanese manufacturers to act early in diversifying its overseas business, CMP has built, and continues to develop, its global supply chain network for high quality products and services. This has gained customers appreciation and the recognition of CMP as a global supplier.