Produce & Sell marine and various kinds of industrial paints


Protective paint is essentially designed to provide effective anti-corrosive protection.

It is generally a system made up of a number of layers of different paints - water resistant, sea water resistant, acid resistant, and weather resistant paints. Based on technical expertise and experience accumulated through its long history, CMP offers a series of comprehensive protective paint systems which can be utilized in diverse industrial areas including industrials plants, and steel structures such as bridges. CMP is also pursuing the expanded use of protective paints for different end-uses, where it continues to develop and supply high quality products including glass flake containing paints for longer term anti-corrosive performance, solvent-free and water soluble paints to enhance environmental performance, paints which can be applied and cure underwater, paints for electro-magnetic wave absorbance and anti-fouling/foul-release paints for power plant facilities, such as seawater intakes.